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“… this was a cute story.  It managed to weave in some sweet and playful moments and it kept things simple.”
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Yet another series I haven’t read and the only reason I picked it up is because I’m always on the lookout for a holiday themed historical romance at this time of year.  THE HEIRESS AND THE HOTHEAD was released last year as part of an anthology that I hadn’t seen and I had to jump on it when I saw it was being released as a single novella.

I was pleased to see this worked okay as a standalone novella.  I don’t think I had the opportunity to read this author before and I was quite happy this features a plot I hadn’t seen before.  The heroine, Amanda, owns a cotton mill in America while the hero Stephen is an English journalist trying to expose the bad working conditions at the local mills.  Meeting Amanda at a Christmas celebration is his one chance to write a new piece to expose the similarities between America and England in the treatment of workers in his quest for bettering their lives.

This is a quick story so I was expecting a bit of insta-love, and we certainly got that.  Being that they live in different continents and have such ingrained views about the other to overcome, it seems a bit far fetched that there would be an HEA after such short time.  But aside from that, this was a cute story.  It managed to weave in some sweet and playful moments and it kept things simple.  I couldn’t help but keep turning the pages, mostly because I enjoyed the authors’ voice.  I’ll be looking forward to going back and reading the first book soon.




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