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“This book is sweet, sexy and tender in all the right places.”
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Well, Gena Showalter has done the impossible.  I didn’t think I would like this book because I had a big issue from the first book with the heroine.  And more importantly, with the fact that she’s had sex with both of the heroes’ best friends (who now happened to be with her sister and best friend).  There was no way I could end up liking Jessie Kay, right?  WRONG!  This just happened to be my favorite book in the series!

So yeah, those things happened.  There are no excuses made for the fact that they happened.  There is just a better understanding of Jessie Kay and her actions for most of her life.  I couldn’t help but feel bad for her and want to see her have a happy ending.  To finally see her happy and valuing herself more.  And Ms. Showalter got there at the perfect pace.

West has been a favorite of mine since the novella that kicked off this series.  I’ve been wanting to read his story and like I said about, I wasn’t happy with the choice of heroine for him.  Because he seemed perfect!  He needed a kick ass woman next to him!  And Jessie Kay is just that kick ass woman.  She definitely challenges him and it was so much fun to see.

This book is sweet, sexy and tender in all the right places.  We fall in love with this couple right from the start and it was a fun ride to be on with them.   I hope that we get to see more of Gena’s contemporaries in the future, because this series was an enjoyable experience.




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