“”If you’re looking for a feel good romance, then I think this is the one for you.”

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Last year I was really impressed with Abby Jimenez debut novel, THE FRIEND ZONE. And there’s something that happens in that book that opens the door for this book to happen.  I was totally on board and excited, and wanting to see Sloan get some much needed happy in her life.

If you’re looking for a feel good romance, then I think this is the one for you.  THE HAPPY EVER AFTER PLAYLIST is a sweet romance with very little angst to bring you down.  Even when it dealt with some more heavy subjects, it was done in a light way that didn’t drag the vibe down.  That also means to me at times it was just a tad too fluffy, but a fun way to lift my spirit in a much needed time.  Perfect rom-com material.

I always enjoy reading stories about a woman rebuilding her life after tragic lost like in Sloan’s case.  I think Ms. Jimenez did this well.  The struggle with grief felt real and natural and made me like Sloan all the more for it. She has to rebuild herself, not just her relationships. Find out who she is again and go out and get it.

This book is also a rockstar romance and that part was a bit cliche and predictable but still done well in how it fit with the story.  Jason isn’t your typical rock star, he’s sweet and so head over heels in love with Sloan.  I loved the instant chemistry between them and how well they fit as a couple in each other’s lives.  Even when the practicality of it seemed to tear them apart.  They each got their fantasy person.

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