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“The Greatest Risk surpassed even my lofty expectations.”
~ Under the Covers

The Greatest Risk surpassed even my lofty expectations. With the release of The Greatest Risk Ms. Ashley concludes the honey series. Within these pages aside from witnessing the beautiful love story of Stellan and Sixx, we are introduced to new sexually charged characters. One wonders if and when we will see them again.

I will be honest, although Ms. Ashley is one of my favorite authors I did not enjoy the previous volumes in the honey series as much as I did many of her other works. BDSM while being a genre I have read and enjoy, also can at time push the limits of that with which I am comfortable or more importantly find believable. I struggled with some of the subject matter within the series and did feel that it took away from my enjoyment of the series. The Greatest Risk is well written and stands as my favorite in the series as the love story of Stellan and Sixx is filled with so much wonder tenderness, passion and emotion. Scenes with secondary characters did tear my focus in different directions and at times I struggled to continue. I found these scenes to be extremely explicit and lengthy, something rare for characters that were just being introduced to the series, and not the focus of the storyline.

Overall Ms. Ashley has once again created magic with her words and I have fallen in love with Stellan and Sixx. If you are a fan of her work you will enjoy The Greatest Risk.  As stated previously issues with any secondary scenes are an issue of personal preference and we all have our own comfort levels. I know I will reread this release as I have all her prior works. Ms. Ashley has the gift to delight my soul with her work and for that I am eternally grateful. The pure hearts of her characters never fail to romance me until I fall in love with each and every one. For those who have read any of my previous reviews of Ms. Ashley’s work it may seem repetitive, but if you have not read the works of Kristen Ashley you are depriving yourself of reading Greatness no Grandness…. You get the idea. Stop depriving yourself and get ready to delight your heart and soul, uplift your spirits and visit this page for the suggested reading order of her backlist:


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  1. Fabulous review pilar!! I have this book on my tbr gr list and amazon wish list!! Sounds so yummie!! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. Fabulous review pilar!! I have this book on my tbr gr list and amazon wish list!! Sounds so yummie!! Shared on all my socials!!