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I don’t think I could think of anything I didn’t like other than the book being too damn short.
~ Under the Covers

What a wonderful surprise and such a gift to be back in Charley Davidson’s world. Only this time, it’s not her world anymore. Front and Center is Garrett Swopes, a former soldier, former PI, and a descendant of voodoo priestesses Marie Laveau. A close friend to Charley and her husband Reyes and now, Garrett is one of the trusted crew who protects their daughter who is prophesied to challenge Satan in a great battle that will save the world.  

A few things are going on in this book but let me just touch on a couple of them. First, this short story focuses on Garrett and Marika’s story. We get a glimpse of how they came to be and what their relationship is all about. We know of them from the past books but not the details. I enjoyed seeing their relationship front and center and it’s time Garrett gets some love in his life. Marika is not as bad as I thought she was from previous books. Of course, Garrett is as sexy as ever, though he’s not the Garrett we’ve known him at the beginning of this series. If you’ve read the previous books, you know what I’m talking about. Rest assured, we are getting a little of the old Garrett back before “the big change”. I do want to say that his “being” is still not as clear. There are a few things that occurred that left me with many many questions of what he is or has become. I’m pretty sure something is up Darynda’s sleeve and I can’t wait to find out more.  

Second, my favorite part of the book. We are getting Elwyn’s debut story! Yes, she is not the little beep as we know her to be. Everything about her story here shocked me as I didn’t expect any of it. We get a good look at who Elwyn already is and who she will become. Fans of Charley might even get a bit emotional seeing her story unfold. I won’t say much more but I’d like to add there’s a bit of surprise that will make fans like me very happy. I’m hoping this is a sign that a new series is within our reach. I am so very excited. To be clear, Elwyn’s story did not overshadow Garrett’s. Darynda did a great job balancing between the two. 

This short novella tied me over and satisfied my cravings for this series. I loved getting back in this world and reading more of the characters I’ve come to love. I’m rating this at five out five. I don’t think I could think of anything I didn’t like other than the book being too damn short. I suppose that’s not enough to knock out a star. 

If this is your first Darynda book, know that all things mentioned above are also great introductions to the world of Charley Davidson and getting to know a few of the characters. If you enjoyed this novella, wait until you read the series from the beginning. Charley, Reyes, and the crew will knock you off your feet. 


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  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much for this AMAZING review!!! I loved diving back into that world so much. It was like coming home after a long hiatus. So glad you enjoyed! xox