“Mystery, romance and the intriguing world of 1930s Hollywood mix perfectly”
~ Under the Covers

The Girl Who Knew Too Much pulls you into the glamour and underbelly of 1930s Hollywood as Irene Glasson, a gossip columnist with a mysterious past investigates a murder at a star studded hotel. The hotel is owned by the infamous Oliver Ward, a former magician whose last performance turned deadly. Together they investigate the goings on in the hotel which draws them into the murky underbelly of Hollywood glamour.

I’ve recently come to really enjoy mysteries I love the build-up of the tension, the guessing of whodunit and the occasional splash of romance. So, when I saw Amanda Quick had penned a mystery set in Hollywood I decided I had to give it a try. It was just what I needed, a great mystery set in an interesting time with some romance thrown in.

I also liked that Quick added some red herrings, I spent a bit of the book disappointed that Quick had made it so obvious who the culprit was. Ah! I am so easily led! I should have known she wouldn’t make it that easy for me. So, when the big reveal came along I was, to my great delight, genuinely surprised over whodunit. More seasoned mystery readers may scoff at how easily manipulated I was but I find I don’t mind, it made me like the book all the more and I plan to enjoy the naivety whilst it lasts.

But, this book does fall into the trap of revealing everything in the last 5% of the book. Instead of slowly revealing the evidence and the motive as the book goes on we have the typical scene at the end as the villain explains their whole dastardly plans and their reasons behind it. Why these people don’t just kill the plucky reporter instead of instigating a long conversation and then killing them I don’t know. Clearly they don’t read enough mysteries.

As for the romance, it was as straightforward as the two characters, Irene and Oliver. This isn’t meant in a derogatory fashion, both characters were pragmatic and direct and as the obvious attraction matures they do they sensible thing and act on it. I liked that there was no fake drama between them and I enjoyed their growing closeness as their partnership goes from professional to personal.

Mystery, romance and the intriguing world of 1930s Hollywood mix perfectly and create an enjoyable read that I recommend both romance mystery fans to give a try.

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  1. Good review!,I love Amanda quick books!! I’ve read them all. I’m so happy that this new series is good!! Can’t wait to read!!! ,shared on all my socials!!!

  2. Love the idea of a mystery set in Old Hollywood. The straight up romance does sound refreshing after some of the broody ones I’ve read recently.

    Thanks, Suzanne!

  3. I like that she has ventured into a new time period. And the age of Hollywood was reaching new glamor in the 30’s is something I am looking forward to reading in this book..