“THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL is a sweet romance that has all the markings of what I love to read in a small town story.”
~ Under the Covers

I can’t say I’ve read much of Jude Deveraux new books and the premise for this one was very interesting.  Especially since the hero makes his first appearance on the heroine’s back porch, completely naked and making use of her outdoor shower.  Add to that the fact that the heroine is a chef and I was kind of in love with it.

When I started this book and up to about 25% I absolutely loved it!  It quickly lost some of the steam, though, and I don’t mean that in a sexual way.  The way I was riveted to the story and characters at the beginning lost some of the shiny spark as the story progressed and I don’t think I ever recovered that.

THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL is a sweet romance that has all the markings of what I love to read in a small town story.  And it left me interested in the town, but I think it was lacking in intensity somewhere.  Maybe it was just too sweet?  It could’ve been the hero.  *gasp*  Tate is a big time Hollywood actor coming to Summer Hill because he bought back his old family home and he ends up getting roped into playing Mr. Darcy at a local show.  And falling for the fiery girl living on his property and playing Elizabeth Bennett.  I was expecting him to have a certain degree of alphaness that never quite got there and maybe that’s my struggle.  Tate and Casey are cute together and would’ve otherwise been a couple I fall for.  But like I said, can’t quite put my finger on what it was that didn’t keep that spark going for me.

There is a mention of my favorite book of hers in this book, which made me giddy and hopeful that it would get picked up to be a movie someday!  If you haven’t read A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR, you must.

Jude Deveraux is, as always, a great author.  The way she tells her stories is usually compelling, and I think that was the saving grace of this book.  Even though the story is quite sweet and maybe at times plain, the writing is what kept me interested in reading.  However, with all that, I’m not sure if this is a series I’ll continue.




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  1. I’ve felt the same for quite a few of her recent books. Maybe I’m more into grittier books lately. One thing you can count on Deveraux delivering is quirky characters. I do have a love for a lot of her earlier works. I think I swing back to her books when I need something sweet.

  2. That’s unfortunate that the only saving grace was the writing…thanks for the review Francesca