Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster with The Ghostwriter by A.R. Torre. Dive into this gripping tale of secrets, lies, and the desperate need for redemption. Get ready for a story that will leave you breathless!

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The Ghostwriter by A.R. Torre

The Ghostwriter by A.R. Torre

September 29, 2017

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  • Emotional rollercoaster
  • Unexpected twists
  • Secrets and lies

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When I first saw Ms. Torre talk about this book, I was itching to get my greedy paws on it.  I’ve read her suspense work and I love that aspect of her writing voice.  The plot in this one just intrigued me to no end.  A dying woman, a successful author, that wants to use her last 3 months of life writing the most important book of her career.  The one that doesn’t fit with the romances she’s popular for.  The one about her truth, her secrets, her life.  So here’s your warning, as the blurb says.  This is not a romance and there is no happily ever after.  Still go into it and read it.

As expected when I first cracked this open, the words and the way Ms. Torre delivers them just kept me riveted to the pages.  This is one of those books that you start reading and think I’ll read a couple of pages and look up and have read half the book without stopping.  I went on an emotional journey with the heroine of the story, Helena Ross.  At first, and honestly through most of the book, I kept finding her so off-putting and wanting to figure her out.  There had to be a reason, something that made her tick and act the way she did.  She isn’t perfect, no, but there had to be more!  I was consumed with wanting to know more about her story.  Greedily devouring the pages.  Anxiously awaiting for explanations.

Helena is in fact dying and sick.  So sick that she realizes that if she’s going to get this book written before she passes away, she’ll need a ghostwriter.  And she decides to hire her biggest enemy to help her write it.  Helena has a lot to say and at the same time hold back while she’s telling her story.  And I was getting impatient to know it all.  And when the truth comes out, I felt like I was in the midst of a twisty Karin Slaughter book and just didn’t see it coming.

I felt a gamete of emotions for Helena.  Distrust, dislike, empathy, judgment, understanding and compassion.  This is a story that could easily fall apart if not told properly and I think Ms. Torre did so flawlessly.  Perfect execution for me.  Her ghostwriter just the missing piece to push Helena while comforting her in the minimal way she could accept.  By the end, I was a slobbery, sobbing mess.  My heart breaking for so many reasons and for so many people.

This is what I need more of from Ms. Torre.  I loved the journey this book took me in and can’t wait for more of her darkly seductive words.

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