“THE FRIEND ZONE is a book that will draw a gamut of emotions and you have to be ready for that ride.”

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From the moment I cracked open THE FRIEND ZONE I knew it would be a winner.  Kristen, our heroine, is impossible not to like or identify with and I was happy to go along with this ride.

I think a lot has been said already about this book before but in case you are not aware of Kristen has suffered her whole life with issues related to her period.  They’ve caused a lot of hardships, both physical and emotional, and it’s finally come to the point she’s taken the decision that she will have a hysterectomy.  Her long distance military boyfriend is ok with that and Kristen thought she was too.  Until she meets the perfect man for her.  Josh is exactly the type of guy that she should’ve always been with and he wants lots of children.  Obviously she has to keep him in the friend zone and stick to her life plan.  No kids, no Josh.

Like I said before, the thing that drew me in from the very beginning was how relatable Kristen was.  I think she’s a heroine that a lot of women will be able to relate to in one way or another.  Maybe it’s her struggles with not being able to have children, or maybe it’s just her fun and snarky personality.  She was my favorite thing about reading this book and I think the author did a great job at creating her character.

And then we have the romance.  While maybe Josh won’t be going on a book boyfriend list for me, I thought he was the perfect complement for Kristen.  I really loved seeing their relationship blossom from instant attraction to a true friendship and slowly into more.  And it was also done in a way I found believable and I never questioned the heroines’ actions.  They were adorable together!

THE FRIEND ZONE is a book that will draw a gamut of emotions and you have to be ready for that ride.  It’s funny, sweet and romantic but also heartbreaking.  My only complaint with this book, and also the reason this is not rated higher, was the ending.  While it left me happy it was also disappointing and in my opinion took away from the true impact of this story.  It’s hard to say more without giving away a spoiler, but I do think it’s good to read the author’s note at the end anyway.  While I understand where she’s coming from, I also wish she would’ve taken a different route.

What a great debut by Abby Jimenez!  I can’t recommend it enough.  THE FRIEND ZONE is a must read for your summer reading.  I expect more great things in her future and I’ll be reading them all.  Starting with the next book, not sure if it’s a series or companion novel.  I’m ready to have my heart torn out with that one.

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  1. Ugh. I just bought this and while I was interested in reading it, I am now hesitant because of the disappointing ending you mentioned. Bummer.

  2. Great review! I’m sold! At least, I will know that I might not like the ending, and I suspect I might have an idea…