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“If you are looking for a heartwarming read to take with you this summer, then look no further.”
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I haven’t read a Jamie Brenner book in a while and picked this one up because I know I enjoy her writing and wanted a good beach read.  That cover?  Perfect beach read.  This is completely different than other books I’ve read by her in the past.  Obviously the genre is the first thing, which I knew going in.  This is a chick lit revolving around a family and it’s set mostly in a small beach town.  I love cozy beach town reads in the summer!

THE FOREVER SUMMER is a fun tale of family drama and secrets, lives falling apart and finding a new path.  Narrated from multiple POV, we get to meet three generations of women who didn’t really know there was a connection between them.  It all starts with a DNA test.  Marin Bishop is in the midst of a meltdown in her personal life.  She just broke off her engagement because she’s in love with (and has been cheating with) her boss.  They both get fired because of this relationship and she’s not sure where they stand.  Now having to figure out what to do with her life, she gets an email from someone claiming they are most likely half sisters due to the DNA results.  This opens up a world of family secrets and a summer trip that changed all their lives.

I can’t even say I had a favorite character.  I loved them all because they were so intricately connected.  The long lost sister, Rachel, that is trying to find her family and brings them all together.  The mother Blythe, who has lived a life with the guilt of her secrets.  The grandmother Amelia, whom I loved dearly from the very first moment we get to meet her.  And all the other side characters.  They’ve all been through a lot in their lives, and there’s still more to come for them.  But the bonds they develop, even kicking and screaming for some, are beautiful to watch.

There’s a human element to this story you can’t help but connect with and it really made me get so involved with each and every one of the characters in this story.  Main and side ones alike.  Jamie Brenner excels at telling this story with charm.  While dealing with some serious and complicated issues, this story still felt very much like a light read.  That, to me, is quite the accomplishment.  But this is something I’ve come to expect from all her books!

If you are looking for a heartwarming read to take with you this summer, then look no further.  This book captures the essence of summer and of family and delivers it in a way that will leave you with a smile on your face.



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