“…it boils down to one thing: it did not engage me.”
~ Under the Covers

As this is a DNF review I am going to keep this fairly short. I decided to stop reading this book at around 60%, so I definitely gave it a fair shot. But, I didn’t stop reading it because I hated it. This year I have made a resolution that I would try and read less 3 star and below reads, the consequence of this is that a lot more books will be DNF. I knew as I was reading that at most this book would get 2 stars from me and so I choose not to continue.

If I am going to pinpoint why I would have given this such a low rating, it boils down to one thing: it did not engage me. I liked the idea of the story, but I thought the story telling was clumsy. I liked the idea of the characters, but they fell flat on the page, especially the main character. I liked the idea of using fiction to make a point about what’s happening in the real world, but I thought this was done with such a heavy hand that it no longer felt clever and interesting. It was a lecture rather than a discussion.

But, I know I am in the minority in this regard as I have seen a lot of really positive reviews. For me, it felt like a great idea but there wasn’t enough skill behind the execution. spacer

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