“THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL has a fun and fresh plot and characters that blend very well together.”
~ Under the Covers

A story about twins!  I confess I’ve forgotten about this book for a while and just realized I never read it when the third book recently came out.  I had some higher expectations for book 1 and it was just ok so this one got pushed back.  After finishing it, I do like this one better than the first.  The concept of the twin of a Duke having left years ago and made a life in America only to come back now to try and stop a war between the two countries was very intriguing.  Add in to that the fact the woman the Duke has his sights set on to marry is also the one his twin is attracted to adds in to the appeal.

THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL has a fun and fresh plot and characters that blend very well together.  This wasn’t an over the top story, but it was a breeze to read and kept me interested all throughout.  I was obviously rooting for Charlene and Jack to have their HEA, but I couldn’t help and feel bad for the Duke at the same time.

I loved Lady Charlene’s character because she can be soft when she needs to be, but she’s also adventurous and daring when facing the realities of her life.  Sometimes she even finds those situations thrilling instead of cowering because of them but they haven’t made her jaded.  Jack’s character is very similar to her and that’s why I think they were the perfect pair, both unconventional and ready to face all new adventures the world brings.

But now I really need to see the Duke get an HEA (finally!), so I’m anxious to read the next one and the fact that we met his unconventional heroine in this one leaves me even more excited for it.




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