The Fae Queen’s Captive by Sierra Simone, it is the final book in the Peculiar Tastes series it’s a spicy Sapphic paranormal romance full of Fae

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The Fae Queen’s Captive
by Sierra Simone

Peculiar Tastes #6
Released: October 4, 2022
176 Pages | ebook

read this book if you’re in the mood for
  • Sapphic romance
  • A story with some fae
  • A bit of kink – it’s a spicy read!

Janneth Carter isn’t your typical archeologist. With tastes that run more towards hook-ups and kinks, Janneth often feels unfulfilled and on the outskirts of every social situation. But winding up as a hostage in the Court of Stags in Elphame, prisoner and consort to the Fae Queen, wasn’t exactly what Janneth had in mind when she was looking for excitement.

When faerie lights at her dig site end up leading her into a world she thought only existed in her imagination, Janneth thought she knew how to survive the three days of Samhain. After all, she’d read enough fantasy as a teenager to know to beware the fae. But the Fae Queen promises her release from the Court of Stags at the end of Samhain, so surely Janneth can explore this attraction between her and the Queen. But as Janneth falls deeper into fae life, the more the truth will hurt. This year, the closing of the Shadow Market will be an event that Janneth will never forget.


The Fae Queen’s Captive was such a steamy little sapphic novella on top of being a wonderful wrap up to the Peculiar Tastes series and the events of the Shadow Market. I loved every little hint and mention and link to the previous novellas. With mentions of events from throughout the series – including the opening of the Shadow Market in The Death God’s Sacrifice. This novella truly brought the whole series full circle. Some of the other series references, from Castle Docherty to a merman in a tank, don’t do much to advance Janneth’s story. However, they are nice nods to the previous novellas and those who read the entire series.

I loved what Sierra Simone did with the lore of fae fruit, making it unique to the story. And, in true Sierra Simone fashion, taking something normally innocent and making it taboo (and quite steamy).

Jenneth and the Queen’s passion for each other was undeniable from almost their first meeting, and I loved watching it evolve throughout the story. Janneth knew she shouldn’t fall for the Queen, knew her time was limited in Elphame and that the fae can’t be trusted. But some feelings go deeper than even insatiable needs.

Simone’s characters were full of life, and the secondary characters truly added another level to Janneth’s adventures in Faerie. I loved the twists and turns Janneth went through. It took being among the fae to finally feel like she was accepted, but I loved that journey for her.

in conclusion

The Fae Queen’s Captive was a wild mix of finding where you belong, Sapphic love, and the epic conclusion to Samhain and the Shadow Market. This one was definitely a favorite of the Peculiar Tastes series, and I thought Sierra Simone did a wonderful job at telling her part of the story while incorporating and acknowledging the ones that came before.

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