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“The Peri Reed Chronicles is a breath of fresh air!”
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I shouldn’t be surprised that this new series by Kim Harrison is amazing.  I mean, she created a world that I couldn’t get enough of as much as I disliked some of the paths she took in the Hollows.  And she’s done it again!  The Peri Reed Chronicles is a breath of fresh air!  Packed full of non-stop action and many twists, all wrapped around a set of characters that I immediately fell in love with.  Yeah, I’m hooked, again.

For fans of the Hollows like me, don’t go into this expecting that.  THE DRAFTER is much different and completely unique.  What you can be assured of is that the attention to detail in the world building that Ms. Harrison delivers here is outstanding!  I do recommend reading the prequel so that you familiarize yourself with the world a bit better.  I think that helped me jump right in understanding what was going on.

Peri Reed is the heroine of this series and the center of attention.  She’s a drafter, meaning she can manipulate time to draft back.  Her talents are being used by a government organization that may or may not be corrupt.  After a draft, she loses memories that she can’t recover without an anchor.  She now finds herself missing 3 years of memories and not knowing if she’s one of the good or the bad guys, and not knowing who to trust.  What an exciting ride to be on with her this was!

Things are just never what they seem.  I haven’t made my final decision on who to trust myself.  We get to see Silas’ POV a few times and maybe that’s why I’m leaning towards trusting him.  He’s definitely the type of hero I like to read about, and we first met him narrating the prequel SIDESWIPED.  So I have a soft spot for him already!

There’s no shortage of hot alpha males, lies and betrayal.  And even though she’s in such a vulnerable state, Peri is still determined to move forward and uncover the truth.  You gotta love a heroine that can do that and I foresee Peri becoming a favorite of mine.

Just when you thought this book was going to end one way, at the very second things turn in a different direction.  And that direction just leaves me itching for the next book.


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  1. Great review, Francesca. I’m in the middle of it now and don’t know what to think or who to believe…intense! But I still miss Rachel 🙁