Welcome Maidens! Who would you like to step into the Dom’s Dungeon with? For four days we plan to entice you to get your handcuffs on and your floggers out as we propose one sexy Dom a day to seduce you into their arms and on to their St Andrew’s Cross! When the four days are up you get your chance to vote for your favourite Dom so he can preside as Master of the Dungeon. So Maidens prepare to be dazzled and dominated by four of erotica’s most hot and demanding Masters!  
Last year we had three great Doms competing: Shayla Black’s Jack Cole from Wicked Ties, Lilli Feisty’s Mark St. Crow from Bound to Please and Maya Banks’s Damon Roche from Sweet Persuasion. Watch the battle that went down here.
Jack Cole came out the winner and he’s such an amazing Dom that when we opened up the nominations for this year and told you guys that you couldn’t nominate a Dom that had already participated, Jack actually came in third place!  We are sorry that he can’t participate again.  These are some of the things you had to say when nominating him this year:
He has always been the ultimate Dom. Totally hardcore, dominant and alpha, yet sweet, caring and protective. ~ Leagh
He is the one and only Dom to make it his business to see that a woman is pleasured properly. No one can come close. ~Artemis
Jack introduces Morgan to a world in a way that is inviting and mysterious, but takes the audience with him. He dominates but sweeps everyone off their feet as he does it.  ~ Diane

Because re-reading that book still gives me chills. ~Joi
But since he can’t compete, lets give Jack a warm welcome since he still wanted to stop by and had a few words for all of you.

I would love to say what a tremendous honor it was to have been last year’s Ultimate Dom, especially considering the amazing group of contenders up for consideration with me. I would love to say that because it’s what my wife advised me to say, but since I’m not a fucking beauty queen contestant, I don’t have it in me to say any of that shit.

What I will say is that every Dom is different, as is every sub. But in any successful D/s relationship, one objective is always at the forefront: The happiness and fulfillment of the sub. As long as the Dominant provides the submissive with what she needs (notice that I didn’t say what she wants), in an environment of trust and protection, then that’s all that matters. In my mind, that’s what makes a good Dom. As for what makes an ultimate Dom, I haven’t a fucking clue. I’ve always lived by my philosophy and if it works…great.

I have heard the term ‘weak Dom’ bandied about, used to describe a Dom who is unable (or unwilling) to provide his sub with what she needs in order to gain fulfillment. A person who is not able to take care of his sub or meet her needs emotionally, physically, sexually is not a Dom in my book…weak or otherwise. That person is just a control freak. Once you are given the title of Dom or Master, it’s about something more. You have a greater responsibility, and it’s one I take seriously. If the subs of all the nominated Doms are happy and fulfilled, then they’re all winners.

No Dom is perfect, and I sure as shit don’t pretend to be. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I once betrayed the woman from whom I had demanded absolute trust. The fact that my sub was strong enough to forgive me and confident enough to put her trust in me again is a testament to her character, not mine. But I love her every day for it. We keep communicating and working through issues. She continues to place her trust in me, and I do everything possible to honor the gift of her submission and fulfill her. That simple.

I’ve rambled on long enough. In closing, I’ll just say this: Being a Dom is not about belittling, it is about empowering those under our care. It’s about making them feel safe enough to break out from their mental shackles and societal dictates to be the people they have only ever dreamed of being. Any Dom who has been gifted with that kind of trust is a winner in my book, as I can think of no greater prize than that. 


Starting tomorrow, the enticing begins…

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