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“This is probably one of the best summer thrillers.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve only read one Ruth Ware book before but this one really cemented the fact that she’s a masterful author.  There’s something about her writing that I just love in how she narrates a mystery that you can literally watch it unfold.  And she’s also great at keeping the reader guessing, even when you think you have things figured out.  That seed of doubt that she was able to plant in me when I had things solved in my head was my favorite part of reading this book.

But lets talk about it.  This story is about Hal, a woman who recently lost her mother to a tragic accident and has taken up her mom’s shop reading fortunes.  Down on her luck and with some serious money problems, she gets a letter about an inheritance from a very rich family after the death of, according to the letter, her grandmother.  Knowing this can’t be true, she sets out to pretend she is this missing granddaughter and claim what little money she might’ve been left.  She couldn’t have expected what awaited her.

The atmosphere was set so perfectly with the way each scene and location even makes you feel.  This is probably one of the best summer thrillers.  From the feel the author conveys, to the mystery you need to unravel.  Like I said, I haven’t read many Ruth Ware books.  But so far this is my favorite and I’ll be on the lookout for her next release.


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