“Lemmon is putting a slight twist on things, which I think, makes the books better.”
~ Under the Covers

THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR is the first book in the new Billionaire Bad Boys series by Jessica Lemmon. I’ve read Lemmon before and enjoyed her books in the past so I wanted to see how I would fare with her billionaires.

Reese Crane doesn’t steer far from your typical billionaire hero. He’s a rich playboy who has a little bit of a cocky side, but nothing to the point where he comes across as a douche. He has, however, pissed off the heroine, Merina Van Heusen when she finds out that her family is near bankruptcy and her family’s boutique hotel is now in the hands of Reese Crane. Despite how Merina acts, he treats her very well and I think that’s what stopped me from completely quitting on this series before it could really get off the ground. So many other books have billionaire heroes that have cocky heroes. Lemmon has that but doesn’t let it simply fall into the typical trope that has become old and used up.

Not only do you have complex characters in this series, but the family dynamic has me more intrigued about the series. The book does fall into the fake marriage trope but I think Reese’s charm makes it enjoyable for me. I’m not usually one to fall for those kind of things but it’s clear that Lemmon is putting a slight twist on things, which I think, makes the books better. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the especially since all the covers just look so delicious!




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  1. there are, like you said, so many billionaire books out …but i’ll keep this book in mind…thanks