The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton is certainly the perfect easy, light hearted, summer read

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the best man plan by jack burton

The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton

Boots and Bouquets #1
July 7, 2020

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  • Friends to lovers
  • Wedding gone wrong
  • Vet hero

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I’ve been anticipating reading this book because I loved the premise of the story.  The heroine gets dumped by her fiance via email just a few days before the wedding.  Tragic as that is, our hero, who was the best man for the wedding and has been friends with both the ex-fiance and the heroine since childhood, finally sees his opportunity to be with her.  I love stories like this!  She would’ve been the one that got away and now he gets a chance at that happy ever after.

I think Ms. Burton did a great job with the friendship between our main characters.  They are so comfortable with each other it was really nice to see those interactions at first.  Plus he’s just such a nice guy and a vet.  Always love a good animal in the story.

The heroine has to process a lot and at first I couldn’t get behind her easy going attitude about the whole thing.  As the story progresses and we understand her a bit more, maybe it was easier.  But when it comes to a relationship developing between our main characters I think it went quite fast from friends to lovers. Almost like a switch, and I wasn’t sure if I felt like it was revenge or just insta-love.

However, The Best Man Plan is certainly the perfect easy, light hearted, summer read.  It’s set in a small town, with a great group of friends and family.  That’s one of my favorite things about Ms. Burton’s books! And it’s definitely a sweet romance.  I’ll be on the lookout for the next one in the series

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