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First things first.  I’ve been asked if this book can be read as a standalone so I want to address that first.  SUPERFAN can stand alone.  Yes, we know there’s a crush on a pop star from the previous book and if you have read all the books it’ll be fun to have that anticipation build until you get this story.  But you won’t be missing anything if you start here.

That being said… the anticipation for this story was big for me.  I couldn’t wait to explore that crush and I was even more enamored to know that Delilah and Silas had history together!  They met three years ago when they weren’t the big superstars they both are now.  Seeing this book show us the instant chemistry they had back then and how they reconnect now was completely adorable.  I couldn’t get enough of these two!

With Delilah being a successful rockstar and Silas a hot hockey player, they are both on equal footing.  The power dynamic isn’t as skewed as it can be sometimes with celebrity romances.  I’m always a fan of that.  Plus it brings a whole different set of issues.  Logistics about being together when their jobs pull them in such different directions.  I think this book delivered something different and rewarding all the same.

All that being said there are some things that I didn’t get 100% behind.  Delilah herself for one.  I don’t think I ever fully connected with her and sometimes I found her to feel like two different people.  She was bitchy diva one moment and sweet humble girl the next.  Her treatment of people could be odd at times as well.  On one hand wanting to anonymously help someone on the street and the other being extremely judgy about someone’s appearance.  That’s just something that kept me from truly falling in love with her character.  But Silas more than made up for it because he’s truly just about the perfect guy and he’s waited so long for this shot at being with her that the tenderness of that devotion made me forget about anything else.

This is definitely an installment long time fans of the series won’t want to miss.  We get plenty of the old gang and even a wedding!  I’m left anxiously awaiting the next book because I could read about these guys forever.


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  1. This is DEFINITELY on my radar thanks to you!! The series in general. Ah. I feel like this series is filled with so many of the tropes that I love for romance novels and ugh it just sounds so fun. Great review!