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What amazed me is how Darynda neatly tied things together. From the very beginning of the series to this very last.”~ Under the Covers

How do you read an anticipated end-of-series novel and not let it end? Savor every word, every scene, highlight every quote and hope that the next page is not the last. I seriously tried to slow down my reading and not devour this book in one sitting.  Unfortunately, it’s like taking that red pill. Once I started reading, I’m basically done for.

Charlie is back from her hundred years in exile.  While she came back with a lead about her mother, she comes back to the chaos that is threatening her loved ones and mankind.   It’s been quite a journey for Charley, Reyes, and crew, but in this last installment, they will fight the biggest battle of all.

What an amazing ending to a perfect series!  Charley, Reyes and a handful of characters finally got their HEA.  Not without a fight, but they got it.  Darynda did right by them and with that, she did right by me.  I loved every page. What amazed me is how Darynda neatly tied things together. From the very beginning of the series to this very last. There were twists and turn of events and reveals that shocked the heck out of me.  Unfortunately, mentioning any of it will just lead to spoilers but know this, you will not be disappointed in any of the outcomes.

Here’s what that excites me the most; Darynda left a few things open.  Not so much a cliffhanger but more of a possibility for a spin-off. I was told by DJ herself that she has plans for that. The only question is when.  I just hope sooner than later. Meanwhile, she has another series in the making and I have no doubt it will be amazing.

Since I read this book in November, it was hard not including it in my Best of 2018.  So, I will say it now, this book is in the running for my Best Book, Best Couple, Best Sex Scene, Best Series, Kick-Ass Heroine, And Sexiest Hero for 2019.  Not to mention Best Author!

If you haven’t read this series yet, you simply must!


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  1. O M G! This just makes me want tomorrow to come faster! I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Oh, I hope she doesn’t do a spin-off, a revisit yes, but when I enjoy an author I want new things from them.

  2. This sounds worth savoring! In case anyone else is like me and doesn’t know, “HEA” stands for Happily Ever After. I had to look it up.

  3. I agree woth this review fully. I will admit I had my doubts it would all be done properly and not rushed but Darynda Jones has knocked it out of the park. I think fans will be clamouring for a spin off too!