Miss Amanda Briars is a confirmed spinster and a very successful novelist and very happy with her life. However, it is approaching her 30th birthday and she decides to get herself a very unusual birthday present, a night of passion with a man, something she yearns to experience. When the man she hires arrives, she got far more then she bargains for…

This is one of my favourite Lisa Kleypas novels, it has the perfect combination of interesting heroine and gorgeous and tormented hero. Kleypas seems to have a direct window into my mind and creates heroes that I am bound to fall in love with, and heroines that I wish I had as friends.

As always this is written brilliantly, drawing you into the characters life’s until you can almost feel their emotions. I think this was LKs most sensual books, the sex scenes although not annoyingly frequent are steaming hot and intense, charged with Amanda and Jack’s mutual longing, desire and love.

Another fantastic book by Lisa Kleypas, if you haven’t read it then I highly recommend you get your hands on it, if you have read it, there is always time for a reread!

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