“STRIPPED is perfect for fans of Magic Mike!”
~ Under the Covers

I picked this up totally on a whim because of the cover and thinking this was a debut author.  While this is, I believe, the first actual romance the author has written, she’s released popular YA books before under a different pen name.  Also full disclaimer, I’m not the biggest fan of escort/stripper books.  But I’m always curious to read them hoping the next one will make me feel differently.

The premise of STRIPPED really sounded interesting.  The male stripper that loves his job falls for the fifth grade teacher that happens to live in his apartment building.  This story is set in New York and, living here myself, I loved seeing the city come to life through the pages.  One other thing that I found the author did exceedingly well was writing the actual stripping scenes.  She made you feel like you were really… there! LOL

Now onto some of my less than ideal thoughts.  The story is a sweet one.  Too sweet, maybe, for the environment and my expectations.  That’s both a good and a bad thing for me, because while it didn’t meet my expectations it really was a sweet one to read.  And probably my favorite character in this whole thing was the hero, Zac Fallon, which was another shocking bit for me.  I was expecting to really like the heroine and I just never did.  She felt very wishy-washy in my opinion and I didn’t like her interactions with her best friend while she was supposed to be her maid of honor.  Robyn came across as very self-centered and confused.

Ok, but back on track with this review so I don’t digress into a rant.  The best way I can describe this book is truly as the movie Magic Mike.  STRIPPED is perfect for fans of Magic Mike!  From the internal struggle of the main character, to the boss of the team, and so on.  While it doesn’t copy the movie, it very closely resembles the feel you get from it.  So if you’re curious about a book like that, then definitely keep this series on your radar.


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  1. Fun review…one of my mystery author’s writes so well of the Seattle area, I feel back home…as a rule, I generally avoid reading books set in areas I know ell because blowing the locations out annoys me… Thanks for the review…