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“Zanetti has kept me excited and steadily intrigued in what’s happening in this post-apocalyptic world she created. ”
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Zanetti has kept me excited and steadily intrigued in what’s happening in this post-apocalyptic world she created.  Storm Gathering, as well as the previous books in the series,  has plenty of action and suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat.  The story and characters will suck you in like nothing else matters in your day to day life.  Forget about your laundry because you’ll want to read what these survivors will do next.

The leader of the Mercenaries, Greyson Storm will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  Not only for the survival of his crew but to avenge his fallen friend.  Through Maureen Shadow, he hopes to find the intel that he needs.  The plan is to kidnap and use her for her connections but what he didn’t plan is to want more from her than his original intentions.

I enjoyed Storm and Moe’s Story.  Though the story initially steered towards Stockholm syndrome, Zanetti did a great job giving their romance a little more time to stew.  Grey was adamant that he and Moe were on equal footing before pursuing her further and that made me respect him even more. I love his ruthless, dangerous persona, but just a sweetheart when it comes to Maureen.  His short notes in his diary was a great way to get to know him and humanizes him and helped soften my heart for him. Not that he was a bad guy, but it helped soften him up.

I thought Moe was hilarious.  Her smart persona was cute and so is her relationship with her brother.  I love that she’s brainy but I wished she was a little more kickass.  I do get that she’s not built that way and I suppose that’s what makes her perfect for Grey.

This book had several sexy scenes and I will admit, the scenes were pretty hot.  Dare I say too hot? I admit I did enjoy most of the scenes, but to be honest, I was more interested in what’s happening in their world.  There’s so much I want to know.  Will they find a cure or will they simply survive from here on?   What the heck is happening with The Pure Church? Are there other food resources they can get a hold of? What will happen next?

By the looks of it, the next installment will be about Damon, April, and hopefully more on The Pure Church.  Winter Igniting will be out March of next year and I have high hopes for that installment.





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  1. Dammit, Angela! Last thing I need is another series on my TBR shelf. I’d been “meh, I dunno” about this series, although I do enjoy a well-done post-apocalyptic UF/PNR series; problem is too many AREN’T well-done. Now you have me intrigued aand excited after reading your review, and Ms. Zanetti’s series is going for a climb on my TBR mountain. ?