“I think it also hits the sexual chemistry just right!  Luke and Gracie had it in spades.”
~ Under the Covers

Luke Rodgers is a farmer and very happy with his newfound small town life after a career ending injury.  He’s always had a thing for his best friend’s sister and now he gets his chance at showing her they can be good together after she gets dumped by her boyfriend.  But while he has hearts in his eyes and forever on his mind, Gracie is just looking to fulfill her sexual fantasies.  And getting to do that with her teenage crush is just a bonus.

When I started this book, and by the title, I was expecting a big reformed player.  Instead, the only thing that I would consider player about Luke is the fact he used to play baseball!  He’s the biggest teddy bear especially when it comes to Gracie.  This actually works in his favor in my opinion.  I really liked how he was all in about what he wanted out of their relationship and because they have history I didn’t necessarily feel as if it was insta love.  Although, it may felt like that a few times.

SOUTHERN PLAYER delivered on the feel I was looking for in the setting.  The community, the people, the food.  I really enjoyed that aspect of this book.  And I think it also hits the sexual chemistry just right!  Luke and Gracie had it in spades.

But there were things about both characters that annoyed me a bit.  It boils down to insecurity for both of them and for different reasons.  It made for some weak conflict, especially in the end.  Overall, it’s a sexy and fun read.




I can’t deny this woman a damn thing.

So I climb onto the bed. The mattress dipping beneath my weight as I crawl to Gracie on my hands and knees.

She is still facing away from me. So I duck down and press my lips to the spot where her neck slopes into her shoulder.

Her skin, warm and soft, pebbles into goose bumps as I kiss her there, nicking the sinew with my teeth.

She sucks in a breath, reaching back to dig her fingers into my hair.

“Luke,” she breathes.

“I love it when you say my name,” I murmur against her skin as I slowly work my way up her neck.

Gracie arches against me, fingernails curling against my scalp.

“Luke,” she says again.


“Why do you”—her voice catches when, leaning all my weight on my good arm, I reach around and cup Gracie’s breast—“you talk dirty, but you go slow. Why?”

“Because.” Through the fabric of her shirt, I gather her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and draw it out. “I ain’t rushin’ with you. I been waiting ten Goddamn years to touch you, and I plan to savor every minute. But I am as God made me, baby, and He in all His wisdom gave me a real dirty mouth.”

She moans when I play with her hardened nipple, giving her tit a solid squeeze.

“Never thought I’d like dirty talk,” she says. “But with you—Luke, I love it.”

I grin as I feather my lips over her jaw.

“I noticed.” I nudge her with my nose, and our eyes meet. “Dirty talk aside. I’mma do this nice and proper like, Grace. Meaning I’m gonna take my time and learn your body and draw you out just how you want. Nothing leaves this room. Same as nothing gets left on the table. I’ll give you everything I got, and you better damn well do the same. You want that intensity we talked about? You gotta give me your all, baby girl. You gotta show me everything.”

Her forehead is creased as she searches my eyes for a beat. Then another.

My heart is thudding inside my chest.

“I’ll try,” she says at last. She takes me by surprise when she turns her head a little more and kisses me. A quick kiss, but a hot one. An honest one. “Thank you. For getting it. For doing this with me. It means a lot, and I appreciate it more than you know.”

I look at her. Cock blaring.

“Thank me when I’m done.”

And then I’m getting on my knees and reaching for the hem of her shirt.



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