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 “It has everything that I love in a story; plenty of adventure and magic, but also friendship and love.”
~ Under the Covers

If you haven’t started this series yet my advice is…don’t start now. You’re going to want to wait to the third and final book comes out. Actually, scratch that, you definitely need to start this series now, then you can understand my pain. And, it isn’t that this book ends on a cliff-hanger. It’s just that I am desperate to know what Yumeko and her motely group of companions are going to do next. This book ends at such an interesting point, I was frantically poking my kindle hoping that another chapter, another page would appear so that the story didn’t have to end.

As you can tell, I kind of liked this book. The second book in the Shadow of the Fox continues to deliver a magical young adult fantasy story set in an alternative and ancient Japan. It has everything that I love in a story; plenty of adventure and magic, but also friendship and love. There’s even a star-crossed gay love story between two of Yumeko’s travelling companions which I am dying to how it pans out.

In this book Yumeko and Tatsumi were been separated for the majority of the book. Admittedly I missed seeing them together, one of the things I loved about the first book was seeing their relationship develop. However, Soul of the Sword offered something else; the POV of the demon Hakaimono who has now possessed Tatsumi’s body, and thus trapping his soul. I love seeing the bad guys POV, so I really enjoyed these sections of the book. I also think seeing the POV of both Hakaimono in this book and Tatsumi in the first book was very important given how this book ends. Have I intrigued you yet?

This was a great book, if you want some action and adventure interspersed with some poignant moment and a little fun, then you need to pick this series up. For now, I am eagerly awaiting the third and final part in this trilogy.


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  1. I enjoy this author’s writing however, I will take your first piece of advice and wait until book 3’s release date 🙂