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ARC Review: Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner
Something to Talk About
Book Info

Released: May 26 2020
Genre: LGBT

“…for me this was a slow burn with emphasis on the slow, and absent of any burn.”
~ Under the Covers

Jo is a big name in Hollywood and one of the rare people who have gone from child star to adult success in the film industry. Emma is her assistant and manages to efficiently run Jo’s life and make her smile. When they are photographed in a private moment of laughter the tabloids turn it into a scandal. As the gossip spreads, it affects both their lives and with the added pressure of Jo’s new project on the horizon Emma and Jo spend most their time together. As they both open up in ways neither expected they realise that maybe the gossip has a spark of truth…

This is a book I was really looking forward to reading, and not only because it is my first f-f romance. I am a massive fan of slow burn romances. I love seeing the characters grow closer and closer as the tension between them builds. Sadly, for me this was a slow burn with emphasis on the slow, and absent of any burn. Because I found I wasn’t enjoying this, I decided to stop reading at 40%.

I did like the characters, they were very well drawn. I particularly liked Jo, who was slightly world weary and cynical, but had an underlying warmth when speaking to those she cared about. She was a child star, and as a Chinese American and a woman, she had experienced a lot of prejudice in the TV and film industry making her tough and cautious when it comes to trusting people. Emma, was younger and ambitious, but lacked faith in herself despite her obvious talent. I really liked them as individual, I liked them as friends and co-workers, what was lacking for me was any kind of spark of anything more. I was at 40% and although as a slow burn romance I wasn’t expecting them to be banging it out in the office, I wanted some indication that what they felt for each other was more than mutual respect and friendship.

The knock on issue with that, is that because there wasn’t much happening in the romance aspect of this book, I needed something else to fill that void. Sadly, there wasn’t much else going on in this book either and frankly, I was kind of bored. The story meandered through without much propelling it forward.

So, although I really liked the main characters in this book it wasn’t enough to keep me reading and decided to DNF.


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  1. Really good review. It’s a shame that the characters were so well written but didn’t get a story to do them justice.

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