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“Kim Law pulled the rug under me and made me fall for the irresistible Rose.  ~ Under the Covers

It seems like forever since I’ve read a Kim Law novel, and I was just thinking why she hadn’t come out with a book yet. When I looked, low and behold, this book was coming out. It’s actually only been 6 months since her last book. LOL. I guess I was missing her work.

I wasn’t sure what to think of Waylon. It seemed like he was all kinds of bad. I admit that the mysterious bad boy persona he portrayed was appealing and sexy, but I wasn’t sure I liked him for Heather. She has been hurt many times before and has the knack for picking the wrong guys. I actually assumed he will be one of those guys, but he proved to be a good guy who deserved an HEA with Heather. Waylon is sexy in more ways than one and a sweet guy at that.

Heather is lucky to have landed a guy like Waylon. While not perfect herself, she is sweet and kind-hearted. At times, a little naive. She had a hero complex and was easy to fall. However, she has matured and did things right this time around. She prioritized and loved herself first and foremost.

Softhearted had the right amount of sweet I needed. Like I mentioned, I didn’t think I would like Waylon and Heather in the beginning. Waylon had characteristics I avoided when I was dating, and I saw a naive me in Heather that I didn’t like so much. Somewhere along the way, they managed to win my heart. I love the growth Heather showed, and Waylon was just too sweet and too sexy to resist. The courtship was too dang cute, not to mention Heather is getting the man everybody wants was just satisfying to see. I love that they didn’t have to try to hard to make things work. They had obstacles, but the romance was not forced. Plus, Kim Law pulled the rug under me and made me fall for the irresistible Rose.

I also love getting an update about Cal and Jill, Trenton and Aunt Blu. I’m thinking Trenton will get her book next, but then, there was a romance blooming in Aunt Blu’s life, so maybe she’ll get a short story herself. In any case, I’m excited to read more from this series


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  1. I love Kim!!! And I loved the first book in this series. Can’t wait to read this one. So glad you liked it, Angela, and fantastic review!