I find myself at odds on how to rate this book. First of all, I haven’t been a fan of Ms. Tuesday Jones a.k.a. Tuesday Talladega, gossip blogger extraordinaire. But she started to grow on me in the last book. Fast forward to the beginning of this book and I was actually liking her.Her father has just passed away, which was a big thing for her and she’s still struggling with her grief. Her best friend just got married. And she has to figure out how to deal and move on.Along comes Diesel. He’s a retired stock car driver, who had a pretty bad accident and because of that has been off the track and off the public eye since. Tuesday and Diesel are about as polar opposites as you can get. She’s outspoken, outgoing, calls it like it is, and pretty much doesn’t know what a mouth filter is. Diesel is more serious, very private, and likes to be in control.As a couple, these two had me from the get-go. Their relationship worked, they complemented each other nicely. When she wanted to bitch and rant, he would be nice and cool her off. When he wanted to be sexually dominant she gave up control and enjoyed the ride. They just worked. Plenty of chemistry, and a lot of hot sex! Riding crop, hat and boots… just saying!

So the romance worked for me. We also got the light, fun style of writing I have come to expect from Erin McCarthy. Her books are always so easy to read, and quite frankly very enjoyable.But I did have some issues. Every time Tuesday was facing something emotionally difficult she went for a bottle of wine. It didn’t bother me as much in the beginning. What bothered me was Diesel’s immediate reaction to her having a glass of wine. He had a pretty bad and judgmental attitude about it from the start when it didn’t seem to me like it was a big deal. But towards the end you can see it does become a bit of a problem, just not handled correctly.

Another thing that bothered me, actually pissed me off, was Tuesday’s lack of respect for Diesel’s feelings and request. I won’t say what it is, but she does something towards the end of the book that is a complete betrayal and even if she was intoxicated at the time, she should’ve had more sense than to think that was ok.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story. I do think the characters are cute together, and even though we didn’t get any racing storyline, it still felt it was part of the series.

Now, of course I had to read the teaser for Eve’s book. I’ve been waiting to see Eve get her HEA since book 1. And this is looking up to be an interesting one! Can’t wait for summer 2012!

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