Dive into the captivating romance of Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young, where a highland farmer and a rebellious artist find love through a marriage of convenience in the stunning Scottish Highlands.

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Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young

Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young

The Highlands #4
May 9, 2024

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  • Marriage of convenience
  • Brooding farmer + artist heroine
  • Set in the Scottish Highlands

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Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young sweeps you away to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, with a mix of romance, drama, and a touch of humor. Jared McCulloch, a dedicated highland farmer, is fighting to save his family farm. Enter Allegra Howard, a rebellious artist needing a visa to stay in Scotland. Their solution? A marriage of convenience. She gets her visa and he gets the money to save the farm.

What starts as a business arrangement soon turns into something more. Jared and Allegra’s chemistry is sizzling, and their interactions are filled with both tension and humor. Allegra’s artistic spirit is the perfect contrast to Jared’s rugged farmer persona, making their connection both believable and captivating.

Plus the stunning highland setting adds a layer of magic to their story, making every moment feel special. If you’re a fan of contemporary romance with a little bit of drama and a lot of intense attraction, this one’s for you. And if you’re like me and didn’t read the previous books in the series, don’t worry. This can be read just fine as a standalone.

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