“It was a very sweet story, but in true Whitney G fashion, their relationship is also very hot.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m not quite sure why I went into this book thinking I would get a good jerk hero. I guess it all goes back to Reasonable Doubt. But other than my expectation, there was no jerk in sight. Yes, Carter and Arizona are childhood nemesis turned best friends turned lovers (like crack to me!) but he is seriously so freaking cute and adorable there was nothing to love to hate about him!

Friends from 4th (or 5th grade, as they like to argue about) they have always been each others’ best friends. Never seeing the other in a sexual way, but also putting that friendship above any relationship they would have. Which often destroyed those attempts at relationships. The last summmer of college is life altering for both of them when they start to see each other as more.

I absolutely loved their relationship right from the start. Yes, the death threats when they were kids. OMG how cute and adorable where they? And those letters turned into sweeter and deeper connections. Between friends, between lovers.

SINCERELY, CARTER would be the perfect summmer read (call me crazy for reading this in the dead of winter). It was a very sweet story, but in true Whitney G fashion, their relationship is also very hot. Carter knows his way around a woman, especially when he knows her as well as he Arizona. Maybe he knows more about what she wants than she knows herself.

If there is one thing that I truly love and makes me all giddy is a hero who goes after the girl. With everything he has. So yeah, Carter, I may be a little in love with you!

This is definitely different than Reasonable Doubt, but nonetheless an awesome story.




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