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“It was such a fun glimpse into the time that started my favorite fictional family.”
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Long time fans of the Rough Riders series, here’s an unexpected treat for all of us!  The origin story of the McKays!  Lorelei James has given us a historical romance that details what happened between the twins Jonas and Silas in SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL.  I lapped it up so greedy.

The thing about this story is that’s it’s been a while since I’ve been back in this world and we did get to hear some of the story about the original twins starting from the book GONE COUNTRY and then more in COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY.  But… years…. and my memory sucks.  So when I started reading this, even though I technically should’ve known some of the details, it was as if everything was new to me.  As the story got farther along, little pieces of my memory started coming back to me.  It was such a fun glimpse into the time that started my favorite fictional family.

We have the romance of two sexy twins.  I mean, the McKays’ are always sexy, aren’t they?  And the start of the feud with the West’s.  Silas is the wild one and also the one interested in owning land and cattle.  While Jonas is the straight laced one and Deputy Sheriff.  The women they fall for, though, are their polar opposites and so perfect for each other.  I think this book strikes a good balance between the two but I certainly wanted to know more about Jonas in the end.  Maybe because that’s the part of the story that has always been a little less known.

That being said, when I finished reading this I saw something exciting.  There’s going to be more books and this time about the Jonas’ side of the family…. wait for it… the Jonas Brothers.  I can’t say that with a straight face however I’m dying to get my hands on the start of that.

This book is a great prequel to the series and a great place to start if you’re new to this series.  I highly recommend you binge all the books!  They’re my favorite cowboy romances and this one was a solid addition to the stack.



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