…even at my age I could relate so strongly with some of the feelings these ladies had in the book.


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Rachael Lippincott has become a solid auto-buy author for me personally, her writing voice and storylines making her YA books an absolute must. To say I was excited to read this one, written by Lippincott and her wife, Alyson Derrick was an understatement, everything about the premise promised to be a five-star read for me, and it did NOT disappoint! This book in particular spoke to my teenage heart, and I was constantly swooning over both of these incredible main characters, their identities on-page, and the way they grew as the book moved along.

“Some things have to fall apart because they don’t belong together, but some things belong so much they could never break.”

I’m here to say that I grew up at the roller rink, and the idea of this super date on rollerskates just MELTED me before I even started reading this enemies to lovers sapphic rom-com. Hello, just LOOK at that gorgeous cover!

Written in a dual POV, these two ladies meet during their freshman year of college, and agree to help each other out with their relationships, forming an unexpected friendship – Alex needing to show her ex that she’s not as selfish as she thinks, which means helping Molly catch the eye of her high school crush, Cora, is exactly the way to prove it.

For me, clashing personalities that are forced together to find love in the most unpredictable to the characters (but SO obvious to us, the readers, as the outsiders!) way possible not only gives us great page-turning banter, but it’s like an underdog story, keeping us cheering them on, waiting to realize they love each other and just get together already! Both of these MCs have such different backstories, each bringing such relatable individual issues and problems to work through in the story that Derrick and Lippincott wrote flawlessly, weaving their points of view together in a way that felt so real and natural.

This YA definitely falls more in that New Adult age group I LOVE reading about, even at my age I could relate so strongly with some of the feelings these ladies had in the book. College presents such complicated feelings during what can be a high-pressure time, adding in troubles with your family, moving from home and it can be such a beautiful mess. I’m thrilled more and more books like this one exist, younger me would have fallen for this book and its incredible cast of characters immediately, and felt SEEN, and don’t we all deserve that feeling?

I hope this duo plans to write us many more YA titles in the future because this one was everything I was hoping for and more!

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