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“SHADOW’S SEDUCTION is addictively sexy and a whole lot of fun!”
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I have been anticipating this story since I saw the blurb and the fact it would be a male/male story.  I couldn’t wait to see what Kresley Cole would give us with that as part of her IAD world.  And I have to say, she delivered everything I was expecting and then some.  SHADOW’S SEDUCTION is addictively sexy and a whole lot of fun!

Prince Mirceo is young and just going through his transition.  His heart is still slowly beating and once it stops it won’t beat again until he finds his mate.  He’a always been attracted to both men and women, but never in more than a passing sexual attraction that is satisfied after one time.  When he sees Caspion for the first time, there’s a bigger pull than anything he’s ever felt.  The hot and big horned demon wants nothing to do with him other than friendship, and they soon become inseparable.  Until Mirceo tries to push things physically.

This novella has Ms. Cole’s trademark chemistry.  Mirceo and Caspion are both hot and when they are together, the sparks are sizzling off the pages.  On one end there’s carefree and somewhat spoiled Mirceo.  After all, he’s royalty.  And on the other is Caspion, illiterate bounty hunter who grew up begging in the streets.  He’s reserved and guarded at all times and the total opposite to Mirceo.  But oh how those two polar opposites fit perfectly well.  In this short novella Ms. Cole managed to convey their friendship, their connection.  The struggles and trust issues they had to overcome.  I think that was done really well for the short page count.

You can’t help but love both of these guys.  They are both more complex than the originally seem.  They’ve had to deal with their own issues and came out stronger in the end.  I loved the abandon with which Mirceo gave himself over to his mate.  Without fighting it or the changes it would mean to his life plan.  And I did mention how hot they are together, right?  I will just say this… If you’ve read the famous Chapter 32 (and you’ll know what that means if you’ve read it) then you can expect a repeat of that in this book.  So be sure to have some ice cubes handy. 😉

It also tied in the story in the first Dacians book.  This story is closely tied to her Dacians spin off, so if you haven’t read SHADOW’S CLAIM I would suggest that you check that one out.   Some of the things that happened in this might’ve been happening while that story was going on and after.

While fans of the IAD series will love the Lothaire cameos in this story and won’t want to miss the possibilities left unanswered in this one, you’ll also love these new additions to the world.  I feel like it’s always getting bigger while keeping with the feel that I’ve come to love about this series.

I can’t wait to see how these two worlds (Dacians and IAD) will come to mesh in the short future.  Just one thing to keep in mind… prepare yourselves for a cliffhanger.  Not a bad one, but a cliffie nonetheless.  I personally chose not to read the excerpt of WICKED ABYSS (I couldn’t do that to myself) and I’m dying for April to get here already!




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  1. I feel and look like a bubble head with the non-stop nodding while reading this review. But oooh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks of Shadow’s Seduction this way! I adore it for all the same reasons you already stated, Francesca! I read the sneak peek though and it left me panting and hungry for more. Ugh! April come sooner!!

    And I also love this line of yours: “I feel like it’s always getting bigger while keeping with the feel that I’ve come to love about this series.” Exactly how I feel and what I tell my friends about IAD/Dacians.