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“Darian is back and better than ever! SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT is everything readers have been waiting for!”
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Amanda Bonilla doesn’t pull back on her punches in the latest installment to the Shaede Assassin series. Picking up where the last book left off, Darian is in the hands of Padma after having killed off her son. She endures the worst torture possible, both of the physical and mental. Just as she reaches her breaking point, she is saved by Tyler.

But at what price? Now Darian wants to return to help and get Xander out but with the tricks Padma has put up for them, it may be impossible. SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT is definitely the most action-packed and tightly-written of the books. Rife with thrills and chills, this book might actually be my favorite in the series so far. Darian is stronger than ever and the lengths she will go through to help her friend are amazing.

This time, the villain is bigger and badder, making the stakes that much more higher and more thrilling. Even as Bonilla continues to challenge her characters, they are getting better and as a result, the more multi-faceted they become.

I was really impressed by Bonilla’s writing on this one. Each scene wastes no time in pushing the book forward and each scene is better than the last. If the Shaede Assassin series sounds interesting to you, I would suggest reading the series in order. The author doesn’t spend too much time catching up new readers in this book so I think it’s best to start at the beginning. That’s where you’ll catch a glimpse of Darian before she grows into the person she is in this book.

Darian is back and better than ever! SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT is everything readers have been waiting for!




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