“I’d pick this up if you’re looking for something  spooky and sexy. ”
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I’ve been reading less paranormal than I did in the past, but I enjoyed the first book in Yasmine Galenorn’s new series, Whisper Hollow, which I reviewed last year.  Autumn Thorns was a fabulous into to the town of Whisper Hollow, Washington, and Kerris Fellwater, spirit shaman extraordinaire.  The follow-up, Shadow Silence, is not a standalone, as you need introductions to all the fabulous characters in the first book.  In this world, the dead are very much active.  Kerris’ task as a spirit shaman is to drive the dead back into their graves.   With the help of her spirit protector and lover, Bryan, and a whole cast of characters, this is harder than she ever anticipated.  There are forces of evil working against her at every turn.  The Lady of the Lake is always hungry for new victims, and this time she has set her sights on Kerris’ best friend, Peggin.  Peggin is excited to find the perfect home, a huge Victorian fixer upper down by the lake.  Kerris thinks this is bad news, but when Peggin is almost killed by the Lady, it’s clear she has been cursed. Their task is to break the curse while keeping Peggin alive.

While Autumn Thorns was an into book, it’s clear Ms. Galenorn had a lot more up her sleeve.  Shadow Silence, introduces us to many more characters and types of paranormal beings, making a world more complex than readers could have imagined at the onset of the series.  I think lovers of paranormal will appreciate this.  The romance between Kerris and Bryan continues to grow and although it doesn’t have that new love feeling, there are developments in the relationship and some very sexy times.  Peggin is a fun character and her boyfriend is even more hilarious.  I wish I could see a graphic drawing of Deev.  There is an overall arc storyline of the daughters of the Morrigan versus the Hounds of Cú Chulainn and this develops in complexity over the course of the story.  The plot of Peggin’s curse wasn’t quite clear to me from the onset of the book, more at the 50% mark, which made the first half a bit slow for my taste.  When it does pick up, things move at a fast pace so hold on to your hats.  I find this series to be very unique in the paranormal genre, with characters and world aspects that haven’t been explored before. It’s perfect for this time of year, as I feel like Whisper Hollow is a perpetual Halloween town.  I’d pick this up if you’re looking for something  spooky and sexy.




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  1. I enjoyed the sisters of the moon series but 2 of the sisters became annoying anf I stopped reading and I found the first book in the indigo court series to be lacking so I’m nervous to try more by this author.