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“Zanetti was great with keeping the world building solid and it continued to be exciting throughout the book…I love the realism/possibilities Zanetti presents here.”
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The exposure to Scorpius Syndrome has left this world in utter chaos. Survival is the utmost importance, obviously only the fittest, smartest, and most fierce will survive. While Vanguard has some kind of order, there is danger within its walls. Mutiny and betrayals will be among their biggest issues. But any luck…love, and humanity will prevail.

Vinnie and Raze were hot together and I’m glad in this mad, mad world they were able to find love in each other. I thought their relationship was hot and their attraction was almost instant. Though it was a little fast, it didn’t feel like there was insta-love which I was glad for.

Zanetti was great with keeping the world building solid and it continued to be exciting throughout the book. Just like the first installment, I kept putting myself in the story and thought what I would do in their situations. The race to uncover the cure for the disease continues to no avail. Their supplies are dwindling to low and the thought scared the heck out of me. Other issues arise including politics, safety, military and cults which are all believable concerns. I love the realism/possibilities Zanetti presents here.

The action had me on the edge of my seat not to mention the mystery and suspense made a great movie in my head and likely would be awesome on the big screen. If you liked the 5th wave, you’ll sure enjoy this even more.

I was super excited about this book after a phenomenal start to this series. Blew me away. Because I loved the first book so much, I was afraid my expectations would be too great that Shadow Falling would fall short of my expectations. It didn’t. Zanetti proved she will continue to provide her fans entertaining reads and that this series is not a one hit wonder.




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