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“This installment is even better than the first. Blake wrote an honest to goodness romance of two people from different worlds.”
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Cara is a rich city girl visits a small town of Hotchkiss in hopes to write a story that will kickstart her new career as an independent writer. The goal is to stay long enough to get to know the people in this small town and their agricultural life. What she didn’t expect is to get to know a very friendly and sexy farm boy named Garrett.

I love Cara and Garrett. It was entertaining to read their experience as they get to know each other. Their banter and Cara experiencing farm life made me laugh. They had these sweet romantic moments that I swooned over. I adored their relationship, nothing about these two is forced. Not their personality, humor, and certainly not their romance. I think what I like most is that they both did not expect anything from each other. They intended this monogamous relationship to be short and temporary. But as you read on, you see how well they get along, understand each other, and eventually fall in love. Unfortunately, their time will run out and finding a way to stay together will be their biggest hurdle. In fact, it’s a losing battle.

I was impressed with Cara and her determination in seeing her project through. Her confidence shone through even at its lowest. She didn’t let anyone get in the way not even Garrett. Yet still kept her composure and kept it together. Garrett, on the other hand, was the sweetest. He never pushed nor did he expect. Only thing is that he didn’t know what deserves if it hit him in the face. That’s what you get with an unselfish dude. Lucky for him Cara is a stand-up kind of girl and didn’t take advantage of him.

This installment is even better than the first. Blake wrote an honest to goodness romance of two people from different worlds. Their jobs, families and the way they were brought up are far from being alike, yet their connection is undeniable. I love their beginning and I love their happy-ending even more.





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