Fancy a alien sci fi romance with a historical Western romance feel? Artek by Honey Phillips may be the book you are looking for. See what our thoughts were on this alien sci fi romance.

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by Honey Phillips

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What a charming novella! Artek by Honey Phillips mixes together alien sci fi romance and western romance. Like Firefly…but with aliens.

Our hero Artek and his brothers, although their bond is not of blood but out of choice, are former military and have been disillusioned by a pointless war. Now the war is over they have bought a ranch on a backwater planet to lead a peaceful new life as ranchers. The ranch has helped them all to heal physically and mentally from their military service.

Artek is their leader and feels responsible for each of his brothers. Which is why he decides, it’s time for him to marry; they need a feminine touch. And, who better than Nelly? The shopkeepers daughter, a woman overlooked by many on the small town. But someone who he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for the last few years. So he proposes a marriage…she’ll come and live with him as his wife and she’ll get out from under the thumb of her father. Love has nothing to do it with it…

I mean…nothing in this novella will come as a surprise. Instead this is a lovely little story which has a delightful romance between Nelly and Artek. But also has that warm family feeling as we watch all of Artek’s brothers come to love Nelly as well.

in conclusion

If you want something cute, short and with delicious alien cowboys, then give this book a chance.

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