“For fans of a good mystery and political intrigue, packed full of intense alpha males with over the top lives and lots of hot sex….then this is the read for you!”
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I have a confession to make.  It’s been years since I’ve read a book by Shayla Black.  I used to jump on every single one of her releases and then I stopped.  But when this showed up at my door, it just seemed like something I wanted to try.  And you know me, never reading blurbs and all, I really had no idea what it was about other than the title and the fact that this is co-written with Lexi Blake.

SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS is full of…well…scandal.  This series centers around a group of college buddies that are all rich and successful.  Some went on to run massive companies, some went on to be top CIA agents, and one even became the President of the USA.  But they never broke that bond of friendship.  They are more like brothers.  And when one of them mysteriously dies in a plane crash, they all rally to investigate why that happened and who could be behind it.  Even one of them might be a suspect.

Hooked yet?  Well, the premise of this book was extremely interesting and fresh!  With the suspense element that you can expect from a Black/Blake read, SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Entwining that with a hot romance between Gabriel and the head of internet security of his dead friend’s company, Everly Parker.

The storyline in this book doesn’t have a final resolution and it’s one of those threads that I imagine will continue throughout the series.  There is a bigger mystery than just solving the one case, a bigger reason why things are happening.  And I can’t wait for all the clues to fall into place to figure it out.  But I won’t be telling you! You have to read it and find out.

As far as the romance, I found it hot and the progression was ok but I just couldn’t buy into the quick-love thing that was happening.  Lust yeah, sure.  I’m glad this didn’t quite suffer from insta-love but it was pretty quick to get there and it seemed like there were too many unknowns to overcome for it to have happened so fast.  Nevertheless, that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story.  And surprisingly for me, this didn’t include BDSM!

For fans of a good mystery and political intrigue, packed full of intense alpha males with over the top lives and lots of hot sex….then this is the read for you!

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  1. I read one lexi blake book and thought it was just ok …I used to always buy shayla black’s books too until I read his lady bride…that was really disappointing… but maybe the 2 of them collaborating will be good!

  2. The title and synopsis sounds interesting,plus awesome review!
    I haven’t read any book by Shayla Black or Lexi Blake,but I plan to read very soon 🙂