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“…perfect book to read at the beach or just to give you all the summer vibes.”
~ Under the Covers

The perfect summer read is here!  This was one of my most anticipated reads of this year because I’ve come to expect only great stories from K.A. Tucker.  Last year I fell in love with THE SIMPLE WILD and I was ready for more.  While I can’t say this was better than that book, it was certainly a perfect book to read at the beach or just to give you all the summer vibes.

This is told in dual timelines as it’s a second chance romance.  Our main characters meet when they were teenagers and attend summer camp together.  Their connection and attraction is instant, their chemistry is palpable.  He’s the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks and almost royalty at the camp.  She’s the rich girl that comes from a seemingly perfect family that is crumbling at the seams, and is the new girl that tries to fit in.  There’s definitely something that pulled them apart after that summer and they never saw each other again until she runs into him at her father’s company building.  Her family owns a big real estate developer firm and she’s being groomed to take over for her father.  He’s working security at the building’s door.  They are still from two different worlds, but she’s always been in love with him.

If that sounds cute to you is because this is one hell of a cute story.  I loved their second chance.  I think these two are perfect together, they just fit.  I also loved seeing a strong and successful business woman and how he had to adjust to the fact that she was the successful one in her career.  She is pretty unapologetic in her actions working in a male dominated field, even when she’s being treated poorly by co-workers that think she’s just there to look good and because she’s daddy’s little girl.  I think this was my favorite part of the story.  Of course the romance and chemistry as well!  And the female friendships.  Our heroine became close friends with other girls at that summer camp and those friendships are still going strong today.  They are her support system.

All that being said, this book was extremely predictable.  I had every twist and turn figured out way before it happened.  Maybe that’s just me.  But I didn’t let that take away from my enjoyment of this story and still definitely think is a must read.


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  1. Between the strong, successful heroine and the second chance romance, this sounds like a really good read.

  2. In a way, predictable is good! I need to know the HEA will happen! I loved Ten Tiny Breaths and One Tiny Lie, but I don’t think I have read anything else by KA Tucker. I will check out The Simple Wild and Say You Still Love Me.