“Their chemistry is palpable from the beginning.”
~ Under the Covers

One of the things that keeps me coming back to this series, and I’ve probably said it before, is the way Kristen Proby writes about this group of friends.  The restaurant Fusion is owned by a great group of women and you can’t help but admire each individually for the obstacles they’ve overcome to be where they are today.  Successful, independent, driven.  But at the core still a tight-knit group of friends who will do anything for each other.  I’ve come to see Mia, the chef at Fusion and the heroine of this book, as the epitome of that.

SAVOR YOU is not only Mia’s happily ever after but a sweet story about second chances.  Granted, I may have wanted to throttle Mia because of her actions when she was younger and for how she killed any possibility at love and an HEA back then by being… well, young and stupid.  But it was sweet to see her get the result she should’ve had all along, even all these years later.

Camden is the perfect hero for her.  First of all, they both love food and have a passion for cooking.  I think that made the dynamics that have thrown them back together a lot of fun to read.  Their chemistry is palpable from the beginning.  And I personally have a thing about romance books with cooking scenes so all plus things for me!  But Camden is also the sweetest kind of guy.  I really fell for him!

While it’s been fun reading about these women, and they are all certainly lovable characters, there’s always something a little too passive about the stories.  I don’t want to say boring but there certainly isn’t a lot of excitement in the plot department.  And I think that’s what always makes me give these books a little lower ratings than I would otherwise.  But they are still great reads for when you’re in the mood for something not overly complicated, with plenty of sweet and sexy and with characters that will draw you in.


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