“Saving Mr. Perfect made me laugh, swoon, and I am looking forward to the next one. Bring it.”
~ Under the Covers

While the second book in Morgan’s Penelope Blue’s series didn’t WOW me as much as the first book, I did like it.

There was the sharp, witty dialogue and the strong cast of secondary characters. It still had the same humor I loved. And a really great leading character, both heroine and hero.

I guess what it was missing was the “will they, or won’t they” get together. Grant and Penelope are an “established” couple that are still working out the bugs in their relationship. Penelope has grown bored. Once a kick-ass jewel thief, she’s now stuck at home, feeling a bit lost at what to do. Her friends are keeping secrets and Penelope feels left out of the loop.

And then there is a new jewel thief in town who is causing trouble.

Penelope suspects that Grant, her FBI hubby, has more information than he’s telling her. AND maybe even suspects his wife as the jewel thief. Confusion abounds….and Penelope sets out to find the thief and clear her name.

The story, more or less, is all about the mystery and not the romance between Grant and Penelope. So, if you’re looking for angsty, hormonal-driven sexy times, you might want to pass. The second book of this series falls along the line as a cozy mystery read.

However, it is a solid, well-written book that deserves a solid 4 star rating. There is character growth. Penelope struggles with her personal demons as well as how she can find that certain “zing” she got when she and her friends cased a job.

And I must say that the most interesting character for me is Oz. I simply cannot wait to find out more about this very quiet, very intriguing secondary character. He stands out on the page for me and I want him to have his own HEA.

Saving Mr. Perfect made me laugh, swoon, and I am looking forward to the next one. Bring it.




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