“The romance was hot and explosive from the very beginning…”
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What an unexpected surprise this book was.  First of all, it’s obvious I don’t do my research because this book/series is tied into Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries and I had no idea!  So that was a pleasant surprise.  This series focuses on a group of siblings who lost their parents in a house fire that was presumed to be a murder/suicide.  The kids were separated and put into foster care and they vowed that they would be together again and prove their father didn’t commit the crime they accused him of.  And in fact, they are now ready to set their plan into motion.

RUTHLESS is the story about one of those brothers getting close to the daughter of one of the men responsible, as they try to take down her father’s partner who was also involved.  I absolutely love these kinds of plots because there’s just enough intrigue with a touch of outrageous to make me gobble them up.  Yeah, a lot of these things would be highly unlikely but they don’t make this story any less enjoyable because Ms. Blake manages to tell it in a way that just captures you.

Then we have the characters.  Sexy lawyer with a side of revenge and anger and strong female who has been under the thumb of her evil father and after his death she’s ready to show the world who she really is.  At the core, Riley had to choose between love or his revenge.  You can’t help but like every single character that Ms. Blake introduces in Ruthless.   The family is tight knit and endearing.  They’ve all come together with a purpose and it’s driven all of them for so long, it has made them a bit ruthless.  I liked that the sister, Mia, was there to balance some of that out with her sweetness.  She’s the tie in with the Taggarts, and her book was DOMINANCE NEVER DIES.  Fans of that series will find the special treat of seeing Mia and Case Taggart play a good size role in this story and make cameo appearances throughout.

The romance between Riley and Ellie was hot and explosive from the very beginning.  Getting to the love stage was a bit too fast for me though, I was buying more the insta-lust and would’ve loved to see a little more development and a deeper connection between the hero and heroine.  Nonetheless, their chemistry was certainly there, and there was an ease to them being together.  The plot was also interesting and kept up a pretty good pace, albeit predictable.

If I may go as far as saying this, I enjoyed RUTHLESS more than some offerings in the more erotic Masters and Mercenaries series that it stems from and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next book will bring!




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