“RUN TO YOU is a cute and sweet small town romance, packed with endearing characters and charm. ”
~ Under the Covers

I was looking forward to starting this series because the prequel gave us a small glimpse into a cute small town (and a group of adorable old ladies that I wanted to get to know better) even though it didn’t really leave us knowing much about the people we would be reading about in the series.

RUN TO YOU is that glimpse.  We meet three best friends who grew up in foster care for a bit and established a really strong bond since then.  Now as adults, they’ve left their successful careers behind and they’ve come back to their small home town to open a business together.  All three thrill seekers, they are opening up the first adventure business in town and struggling to make the town accept them.  Ethan, the hero in this story, has no place in his life for romance but the only person in his life that matters, his grandmother, has only one wish before she dies.  To see him find love and settle down.  And she thinks the new girl passing through town, Gabby, is the right woman for him.

I’m a fan of the fake girlfriend trope and I think this story had a lot going for it.  The hero is super cute and of course it helps that he’s an athlete and a former Olympian who has a few gold medals for swimming. 😉  He’s also very down to earth and a simple guy who has a deep love for his grandmother.  Big thumbs up on the hero department!

Gabby is a unique individual, and I admired that in her.  She’s just come out of a bad relationship and she was strong enough to do that and to step away from the easy comfort of her parents who were also keeping her spirit down.  She’s gone to another town by herself to find that freedom and she’s definitely succeeding on her own.  She’s a successful video game designer, she has a strong view of what she wants in her life and what she thinks she needs to heal.

Her plans slightly deviate when she meets sexy Ethan, but I liked that she went with the flow on that instead of staying very rigid with her rules.  I think these two had an easy chemistry about them and really complemented each other well.  But overall, I think the story was missing a little extra something as it seemed to start to drag a bit at about the half way point.

I loved the concept of this series and the men (and their heroines) we are introduced to in this story.  I can’t wait to read the upcoming books already.  RUN TO YOU is a cute and sweet small town romance, packed with endearing characters and charm.  I’m anxious to see the other boys meet their match in the next one.




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