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“RULES OF CONTACT was the perfect end of the year feel good romance.”
~ Under the Covers

No surprise here.  Jaci Burton delivers another sweet addition to the Play by Play series.  I devoured this book in one sitting, as I usually do with her books, even when I think I need sleep.  Who needs sleep really?  I was beyond excited to read this one because it features a chef along with our hot athlete.  I am a sucker for foodie stories and I was very excited to see this explored in this book.  Although I don’t think this element was explored as much as I would’ve liked (I mean… lots of sexy time opportunities while cooking or involving food could’ve been added, just saying), RULES OF CONTACT was the perfect end of the year feel good romance.

One thing that stands out about this book (and quite a few in this series) is the lack of complicated drama.  I think that’s one of the things that makes me want to read the whole thing and leaves me feeling satisfied in the end.  Flynn and Amelia don’t try to make their romance too complicated.  They start out with a professional relationship based on respect and that blossoms into friendship and trust.  This is the foundation of the romance and I think that’s why they didn’t need to do a whole lot more than cross that small boundary.

Another thing that I always love about this series is that sense of family and the bonds of friendship.  This book has a cameo appearance from the very first couple in this series (isn’t that a fun treat!!!) and it was so nice to see the ease in which they interacted with our main couple.  And of course we can’t leave out the family.  Flynn is the oldest of the Cassidy brothers (a few of whom we’ve already seen paired up) and I loved getting that time with family and to see how Amelia integrated to them.

Overall, this book just put a smile on my face and, as always, I can’t wait for the next one.




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