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“If you are looking for a feel-good type of book, then this will be a hit.”
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So we finally get to book 3 of the Royally series and … it’s not necessarily about royalty.  This is about Olivia’s little sister, Ellie, and Nicholas bodyguard.  I can’t say I was dying to read this, but I thought the premise sounded like it could be really cute.  One thing this book delivered on was not being like the first two.  It still has that signature style and it’s sweet and funny, but the storyline is completely different now that we don’t have that looming Royal family drama.  Honestly, I liked that it was it’s own story a lot.

The first we should mention here is the age difference.  It was done really well considering that Logan and Ellie meet and their story begins (not in a romantic way) when she was still finishing high school.  After Olivia marries Nicholas, things change for Ellie and Logan becomes a constant presence in her life now that she needs some protection from the media, paparazzis and the crazies in general.  So like I said, I liked the way Ms. Chase did the age difference, and the fact that this book spans years where we see Logan and Ellie go from being bodyguard/crush to friends and ultimately lovers.

If you are looking for a feel-good type of book, then this will be a hit.  The romance is slow in building up and the friends to lovers trope is nicely done.  I also liked both main characters and that we got to see the previous couples as well.  This was a fast and entertaining read and I can’t wait to see what Emma Chase has in store for us next.





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