Check out our review of The Night Blossoms by Leylah Attar it’s the dark romantic thriller to read if you are in the mood for a book with a nail biting plot, some danger and childhood best friends.

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The Night Blossoms
by Leylah Attar

Released: July 28, 2022
360 Pages | ebook

Available in Kindle Unlimited

read this book if you’re in the mood for

dark romance book | childhood best friends | nail biting plot | bad boy hero

Note: This book is connected to The Paper Swan but can be read as a standalone.

Let’s just face it. When I see that author Leylah Attar has a new book coming out, I don’t even pay attention to a blurb anymore. It’s going immediately on my to-be-read pile. She’s always that good! But before I started reading this book I realized that the main character was Rafael, whom we met in The Paper Swan. A follow up to a book that I hold in such high regards means there’s a lot of pressure. So while I was excited for it, I was a bit nervous as well before I started reading it.

The Night Blossoms is a light romantic thriller with some dark undertones that I think will be a good place to start with dark romance for someone that doesn’t want to dive too deep. It’s told in dual point of view and in a present and past format. I generally really like books with this setup but personally I think in this case, I would’ve liked to see more of the present.

“You are not a bystander in reality. You are the lens through which reality exists.”

That is mainly because of the romance. Mainly because I wasn’t completely sold on the chemistry between our main characters and I think at times that took away from my enjoyment of this story. The pacing is also a bit unsteady, fast sometimes and slow at others. It definitely picks up and had me glued to the pages but still I felt there was a lot more potential there.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot of this one in particular because of the nature of the book I think it’s best to go in blind and enjoy it. You don’t want any spoilers messing up with your reading flow especially with this one.

Maybe I can’t say this is a favorite book of mine by Ms. Attar but it’s certainly a good addition. You should certainly pick it up when you want a well written story that brings just enough suspense to the table to keep you thinking and guessing where it’s going to go.

in conclusion

While THE NIGHT BLOSSOMS is a standalone novel, if you want to read in the proper order, be sure to start with THE PAPER SWAN. It’s one of my favorite all time dark romance books and one you won’t want to miss. They are both on Kindle Unlimited and an excellent choice if you’re looking for something more suspenseful but still on the light side of dark.

Memories had teeth, and sometimes they took a big chunk out of you.”

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