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Hero was so much more than I expected. ”
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Colby Morgan may be high a kite on painkillers and in the ICU, but when he sees Lydia Decker he knows she’s the one. Now, he just needs to convince her, as although he’s the one who is badly injured and needs physical therapy, he’s not the only one who needs to heal. Lydia and her kids have already gone through the heartbreak of losing her husband to a dangerous job, she’s not sure she face risking her heart again. Even if Colby is beautiful inside and out and makes her mind and body feel things she’d never thought she’d experience again.

This was my penultimate Romanceopoly book which I picked up for the Firestation challenge – read a book with a firefight h/H – and frankly I struggled to find anything. I finally picked up Hero by Lauren Rowe because I figured if I was going to spend 10 minutes drooling over the cover, I may as well pick it up and give it a go. Honestly, my expectations were low, I’m not the biggest fan of insta-love and I thought this would be another over the top, slightly ridiculous contemporary romance. I was proven completely wrong in the best way.

Hero was so much more than I expected. Yes, there was definitely strains of insta-love in the story, but the romance between Colby and Lydia actually built up far more naturally as they faced challenges both uniquely their own and the normal new-relationship issues. They didn’t just immediately fall into bed and BAM that was it. This book also packed an emotional punch, Colby and Lydia both had traumas they had to work through and heal from before they could really commit, especially Lydia.

Another great thing about this book was the family dynamics. Colby comes from a big family, which involves some sexy brothers (bring on the next books!) and I loved how this book showed their relationship with each other. It was an important aspect in Colby’s life and this was clearly shown in the book. Lydia is a single mum with 3 young kids, and I loved their relationship. I am also a big fan of adorable kids in books, so I loved seeing them bond with Colby and his family.

This was a really sweet book packed with a range of emotions from tragic and intense, to funny and sexy. I am so glad I picked it up, and it just shows that you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Even if that cover has some deliciously lickable abs on it.


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  1. Don’t you just love when a book exceeds your expectations? I always love reading about firefighters so I may have to add this to my tbr.

  2. I love all Lauren Rowe’s books. She narrates most of them herself, partnering with John Lane. They are an awesome performing team.

  3. Fabulous review and I’ll be reading this. Lauren’ s books are usually darn good! Glad you liked it.