“…although this book has a bit of first book syndrome, it was an intriguing idea and an interesting beginning to the series.”
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Superheroes have become a mainstay of modern culture. With the revival of comics and graphic novels and the very real prospect of seeing all your favourite superheroes and villains on the silver screen you just can’t escape all the beautiful people in spandex. I ain’t complaining. I am the first person to race to the cinema to see the latest superhero film. I’ve got a bunch of t-shirts in my wardrobe with super hero emblems stretched proudly across my boobs. And, I even have a few funkos brightening up my bookcase. The inevitable next step was reading a superhero romance book. And I was READY for it.

This is where Envy the first book in the Deadly Seven comes in. The Deadly Seven are a group of siblings with genetically engineered superpowers. They have the requisite super strength and rapid healing, but on top of that each individual can detect a particular sin in others. But, to unlock more of their powers they have to meet their soul mate. Once they meet their soul mate new powers will manifest themselves. The first book in the series focuses on Evan Lazarus aka Envy, who, you guessed it, can detect envy in others.

Did my love of superheroes translate into love for this book? Kind of. I did enjoy this book, I loved the idea of it and I could see Pecherczyk was setting a lot of things for future books. There were also a lot of characters, seven just counting Evan’s siblings, and this book did a great job of describing the family dynamics and a brief glimpse into individual personalities. Unfortunately that meant this book wasn’t always as exciting or as fast paced as you would expect and the romance wasn’t quite as compelling as I would have liked.

So, although this book has a bit of first book syndrome, it was an intriguing idea and an interesting beginning to the series. Perhaps Evan and Grace didn’t quite capture my attention, however, I am eager to read more about the other characters in this book. As this is the case I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series and would recommend people give this book a chance.

Romanceopoly Challenge: I read this one for Warrior’s Way. Which is to read a paranormal romance featuring a group of warriors. Superhero are paranormal warriors right? I certainly think so….and as I designed the challenge I’ve decided it fits! spacer

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