“…a fun, fast paced UF romp…”
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In retrospect stealing from the dragon queen probably wasn’t the best idea PI Wila has ever had. Even if, what she was stealing was a bus load of school kids intended as a light snack. Now, in exchange for her life Wila must work with Azren, a demon henchman with some scary teeth and some truely phenomenal abs, to find some of his rogue colleagues. If she doesn’t…she’s dinner.

I am always on the lookout for a new urban fantasy series, it’s one of my favoruite genres. I love what authors create when they mix a contemporary setting with magic and the paranormal. Especially when some romance is thrown in as well. Which, is why I chose this book to complete Action Avenue challenge(Moon pack) for romanceopoly, which was to read a UF with a kick ass heroine on the cover. It had a sassy heroine, dragons, magic and something completely new to me in this genre: reverse harem.

One of the main criticisms for the first book in a UF can be the info dump. The reader is being introduced to a new world order, the story isn’t going to make much sense unless we know what that is. But, although City of Demons did have a lot of information, especially at the beginning, it never felt overwhelming. This book went at a pretty fast clip, which wasn’t slowed down by too many lengthy explanations.

But, this book did take time to set up all the characters, including a talking dog, the Voice in the basement, as ghost as well as all the potential candidates for the reverse harem. So, I am a big fan of reverse harem books, but I have only encountered them in sci fi romances. So, I am looking forward to seeing how this aspect of the story develops.

The story itself was just the beginning, nothing is really resolved in this book, and although I wouldn’t say it ended on a cliff hanger, it is left with absolutely everything unresolved. City of Demons was literally the introduction of the characters, the world and the set up of the story. I’m not sure if that’s a criticism or not, as I really enjoyed this book and have definite plans to continue this series to see what happens next.

If you want a fun, fast paced UF romp, complete with sarcastic heroine, big romance story line and an ominous Voice in the basement, then this one is well worth giving a try.


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